Thursday, January 18, 2007

It is funny how neo-cons (I hate the term by the way) who protray Barrack Obama as the savior of the left. They also love to point out the skin color of the bi-racial Obama, as if that would make a difference in his job performance. They also like to say that Obama lacks the experience to be President. Bunk.

First of all, true progressives in the primaries will support one more left than Obama. If he wins the Democratic nomination then he will get the support of most progressives, but not all of us.I have long advovated the GOP and Democrats are almost the same. As sung by The Who, "new boss, same as the old boss."

Progressives who voiced opposition to the invasion of Iraq (I refuse to call it a war), since day 1 are the true leftists. Those Johnny (and Jennie) come-latelies who now cry out were tools of the Commander-in-Chief. They helped to hoodwink the American public about this nonsense which has only put money into the pockets of the ultra-rich. These same ultra-rich care not one atom about the lives of the men and women killed in Iraq.

History will not be kind to the man in the Oval Office. It will be proven he was a poor leader who sacraficed the future of America both in the lives of young Americans and the country's treasury. He has been a disgrace.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Well, the Democrats haven't even taken power yet (feels to good to say that) and already folks like my buddy SCC over at secondcitycop are starting their junk. The neo-cons (I hate that word) will be unleashing their hate over the next two years. The Democrats will be blamed for everything under the sun. The GOP who flexed their muscles for the past several years will now attempt to block any Democratic progress. Good luck.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Well, like my comrade at arms as so abputly put it, "It's a sweep!"

I think even the most optimistic of Democratic leaders would not have expected this victory. It shows the American people are fed up with this adminsitration and nonsense in Iraq. If the democratic sweep is not a clear message to the man in the Oval Office I do not know what is. We want out of Iraq.

As I have stated in numerous occassions how can we have billions and billions of dollars to wage an invasion of Iraq, yet not have more money for the poor? One of the first things I hope the new Democratic-controlled Congress does is get rid of Halliburton. No more money for Bush and his cronies.

Since the Democratic majority is so slight in the Senate we will also have to work with the GOP on certain issues. I hope politics will not cloud up the mission of Democrats to bring government back to the people.

On a lighter note.

The showing by Rich Whitney as Green Party gubernatorial candidate is refreshing. Although as a law enforcement officer I oppose his stance on OPEN CARRY of firearms, his candidacy may be the lught at the end of the tunnel, especially on enviromnmental issues.

Let the victory celebration be brief. There is much work to be done as The Bush adminsitration has really screwed up this country.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Well, Election Day is upon us and we can only hope the Democrats gain control of Congress and get us out of this mess in Iraq. If the American people still vote the GOP into control there will be tough times ahead.

How can we send a message to the Two Party System?

Well, cast a vote for the Green Party. What will that do? Well, it will..

Tell the Democratic Party they are not progressive enough.

Tell the Republican Party we can gather the votes to start a leftist bandwagon.

Tell the Commander-in-Chief we want out of this foolish in Iraq.

Tell the big oil companies this is a warning. We are coming after you.

Tell the neo-cons (I hate that term) we are coming after you next.

Tell Governor Blowdry of Illinois like the goofs before you, "New boss, same as the old boss."

Tell other voters "we've had enough!"

Monday, October 16, 2006

Well, try as they may, the neo-cons (I hate that term) are still trying to put a spin on the Congressman Foley caper. It is amazing these alleged high moral folks are turning on the Democratic Party. They are true spinmasters.

It is quite sad they have to resort to saying stuff like the legal age for consent in Washington D.C. is 16 years. I wonder that they would think if it was their son who had been approaxhed by Foley? Naw, they won't like it at all.

The Grand Old Party is running scared. They are toast. Chances are shall will lose all the high profile races across the country. I guess we can thank Rep. Foley for doing something good. This whole sad affair just goes to prove the hypriosity of the Republicans.

The only thing better would be an impeachment of the Commander-in-Chief.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Well, the election is just ahead and the Republican Party is running scared, big time.

I wonder if Rep. Foley had been a Democrat what would the Grabd Ole Party have done? I suspect they would be crying about the lack of morality from the left and talking about how teens have been vicitimized. Yet, when they are the party of the offender, they attempt to throw it back.

The response of the congressman was pathetic. I'm an alcoholic...... I was the victim of a molestation by a clergyman when I was a child....I've been trapped. Boo, hoo, hoo. The leader of the neo-cons (I hate the term), Rush Limbaugh, even went so far as to say it was a joke between the teen and Foley.

No, the point here is that Foley was hitting on the kid and as things progress I bet we find even more victims. The leaders of the GOP were aware of this goof, but choose to cover it up until after the elections. They should also be held accountable.

Everyone is speaking about the congressman, the gay issue (we won't even go there), and the alleged cover-up. Where is the empathy for the teen?

Come November it is time to tell this adminsitration we are tired of their cover-ups and vote them out of office.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

It's truly amazing what occurs when a peace officer takes a stand against the administration down in Washington D.C. You'd ah thunk the country was being invaded by Fidel Castro or something.

How anyone who comes from a working class background and believes the man in the Oval Office is for them is beyond me. All this fooliness in Iraq is merely a smokescreen to make billions and billions of dollars for the elite. If it were a Democratic vice-president in power making the money this guy is making the GOP would be all over it. Maybe they wouldn't, as everything involves class warfare and the workers are pawns for the ultra-rich.

Wise up folks, this guy in D.C. does not care about you.